Kfar-Hoȗné Zaatar Mix

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Your Lebanese Taste of Origin.
مذاق الزعتر اللبناني الأصيل

Ingredients: Zaatar, Sesame Seeds, Goat Kishk, Sumac, Black Seeds, Sea Salt.

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Originated in our hometown Kfar-Hoȗné, this signature mix brings together our village’s all-time favorite delicacy, goat kishk, and the country’s best spice. Goat kishk, a Mediterranean blend of cracked wheat and goat yogurt, grants za’atar a sharp and rich tang and entices your taste buds with a true taste of Lebanon’s heritage.

Just spread it, sprinkle it, or dip in it.

Weight 300g

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Weight 300 g
Dimensions 25 × 18 × 3.5 cm